Eine dunkle Projektion zweier Gesichter.

" A blackbox in a white space. Curtain raises: almost darkness. Hesitation. There appears a second curtain at the end of the hallway… The silhouette of other people in the room are becoming recognizable. I can feel they are there, sitting right next to me but I can’t see their faces. In front of me a projection - Camera obscura, viewing habits are put upside down: Is it a man or a woman? My thoughts begin to move. Another irritation. I blink. I pin my eyes together. In vain – the image stays blurred…Gradually my eyes are getting used to the darkness: Two faces, a man and a woman are looking through me. Headfirst into the darkness.“ (Ch. Matschke)

Ongoing installation / performance with Camera Obscura

Artists: Marcel Schwald, Julia Jadkowsky, Rico Schalück, Roswitha Emrich

Already performed at: Kunstkredit Basel, Tanztage Berlin

Founding institutions: Kaskadenkondensator Basel, Tanzhaus NRW, Pact Zollverein Essen