The Universals

Sieben junge Performer stehen in einer Reihe im Tanzstudio.

As a group of 6 young artists from different countries of Europe, we are all starting our artistic career on this basis. In order to survive, we call ourselves „international“ artists. We are adaptable to any kind of country, system, group and productions. We are everywhere, we are available at any time, we can do everything. We are the universal artists. Our new production is called: The Universal Performance.

Unfortunatly this project failed as we as a group of individuals could not find a deeper universal sense we all confirmed with.  We got lost in creating universalities of creation. Some of us still remain friends...

Artists: Alice Pons, Jean-Lorin Sterian, Caroline Byström, Nina Djekic, Ingeleiv Berstad, Roswitha Emrich

Already presented at Impulstanzfestival Wien

Founding institutions: Arts Council Norway, Rudolf-Augstein-Stiftung, Goethe Instiut München, Fleetstreet Theatre Hamburg

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