Abreißzettel an einer Laterne in Helsinki

In WalkingPasila I present the route I was taking to get home from school every day when I was living in Pasila- Helsinki. My perspective is of a newcomer discovering the area with curiosity. WalkingPasila helps you to get lost and to find yourself again on a new spot. A combination of moving and still image gives the opportunity to perceive the area from an aesthetic point of view. The videowalk ends without a clear direction so the viewer can continue the walk and find his/her own end to it. WalkingPasila is to download from internet onto a digital device, like cellphone, tablet etc. Directions: After download you go to Tram stop Uitinkeskus, start the video, and follow my footsteps. Continuing on Opastinsilta, take a light turn towards Asemapäällikönkatu and Kasöörinkatu, then back to Opastinsilta until Junailijankuja5.

aleady performed at: Gallery Kuva Taide, Helsinki

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